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We need you, to beta test our
AI-powered Web Agents

AI Web Agents is a complex piece of software, especially regarding the token consumption. While OpenAI ChatGPT API with function calling returns superb data quality, or you can even mix multiple languages in a prompt, they are expensive on a large scale. On the other hand open source models are free, but it is quite technically challenging to tame them. This is why we are trying our best to merge the best of open source AI world with proprietary LLMs with a goal to drive pricing down as much as possible.


But the most important aspect of building such software are use cases - your live and real world use cases.


This is why we would like to learn more about your use cases.


For anyone, who is ready to participate, join and actively share your findings when using our Web agents we offer additional 20% off any future pricing - for a life time.


Team Red Bumerang

Red Bumerang AI | Team brainstorm session
Join our private Beta Program and receive lifetime 20% off any future pricing.


Join our private Beta Program

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