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From Web to
Spreadsheet in Minutes

AI-Powered Web Research Agent Designed for Gathering Structured Data, Including Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, and More

Red Bumerang AI | AI web agent searching for internet data


Red Bumerang AI | AI web agent automating google search

Automate your Google Search

Automate your Google searches and quickly extract key data from the websites. Our AI-powered web agents can rapidly compile information from multiple sources, filter out irrelevant data, and organize findings in a structured manner.

Web Data in a Table

Our AI-powered web agents understand the content of websites and automatically save important information into tables. Data like email addresses, phone numbers and any other custom data you specify.


Export your data to Google Sheets, MS Excel, CSV or use the API.

Red Bumerang AI | AI web agent importing web data into spreadsheet
Red Bumerang AI | AI web agent automating your daily tasks

Value your time

You can spend your time better. Stop manual web searching, browsing and copy-pasting data. We all know how maunual browsing and data extraction is a motivation killer. Our AI-powered web agents can operate 24/7 without fatigue, continuously gathering and updating information at a speed and scale unattainable by humans.

For a fraction of the cost of how a human performs.

Team Human
Igor Panjan


Sanja Tutić


Matic Meh

Customer Success Manager

Marko Koštomaj

Senior Sales Manager

Vito Šemrov

Lead developer

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DISCLAIMER: All images on this website were created by AI, except for Team Human :)

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